Apache Junction, Arizona

We have decided to accept a workamping job in Apache Junction at an rv park called Superstition Buttes Mobile Home Community and RV Park. We are going to go back to Kentucky to visit family for a couple of weeks first.
Our trip back to Kentucky was uneventful with no problems of any kind. Stopped in a couple of rest areas for a few hours of sleep and then would get up and head on down the road. The trick to getting a good spot to stop in the rest area is to stop a little before dark and find an open parking spot as far back in the rest area as you can. Preferably on the very end of the parking area. The trucks will start rolling in at dark and if you get stuck between 2 that leave their trucks running it is not very quiet. Then we would get up while it is still dark and head out before the trucks start pulling out.
Stayed in Kentucky for a couple of weeks and headed out to go to our next workamping job in Apache Junction, Arizona. This park only requires one of us to work for our site. I was told I would be working in the maintenance dept. We headed out going down I40 till we got to Albuquerque, NM. The gps gave us a couple of different routes from Albuquerque and we decided to take one that was a little closer than some it showed us. We headed south on I25 down to Socorro, NM and turned onto Highway 60 west. Kinda glad to get off of the interstates but a little nervous on the 2 lane roads. After a while going down the road we saw something on the sides of the road that made us slow down. There were these huge satellite dishes all over the place, and every one of them were pointing in the same direction. These dishes were huge, probably 50 to 100 ft each. There were dozens of them, just like in the movie ET. The sign said it was the VLA, Very Large Array.

It was something out of a science fiction movie, we would find out more about it later.
Another town we came to on this road was a town named Pie Town, NM. The town consisted of a post office, a small park that rv’s could stay in for free, and a 2 small restaurants called the Daily Pie Café and the Pie-O-Neer Cafe. We stopped at the Daily Pie and got a cheeseburger and fries but didn’t get any of the pies they had. Looked good but just not that hungry. Turns out they are famous worldwide for their pies and have been there The town is located on the Continental Divide and lots of hikers come thru the town. It is at an elevation of 7778 ft and it is called high mountain desert. Beautiful area with lots of smaller mountains.

We headed on west towards Arizona and came up on another town called Quemado, NM. Karan made the comment “who would ever want to live in a place like this” as we passed thru. The town had a couple of restuarants, a gas station, a hardware store and a couple real estate sales office’s. Most all buildings were really run down and some falling down. That comment of Karan’s would come back to haunt us in a couple of years.
After about another 50 miles we made it to the Arizona state line and came into a town called Springerville. It was a little bigger than any town we had seen since leaving the interstate. It had lots of business’s, a small movie theatre and even a McDonalds. The roads were all really good and wide being only 2 lane roads. No really big hills just a few smaller ones. We continued on and the next town we came to was Show Low, Arizona. It was a pretty big town with Wal-Mart and K-Mart and lots of restaurants, car dealerships and stores. We got diesel here and had to make another decision on which way to go as the gps showed 2 different routes, and with us never been thru here we just picked one and hoped for the best. Wrong choice.
We decided to stay on Hwy 60 as that would take us all the way to Apache Junction. We left Show Low and everything was good. Beautiful scenery with lots of trees and then the road started going down hill, literally. We came upon a sign that said “Now Entering Salt River Canyon”.

Luckily there was basically no traffic so I just slowed down and enjoyed the views over the sides of the road down hundreds of feet to the bottom. On the right side of the road was just the sides of mountains. The road was twisted and turning right then left. We finally got to the bottom and finally took a breath. There was a switchback at the bottom and also a rest area so we stopped to check everything out.

The Salt River Canyon is located on Indian reservation land and the rest area had lots of Indians selling topaz jewelry and other things to tourist. As we looked around you could look down into the valley and see the Salt River and people were white water rafting down it. A little to wild for us to think about doing. We noticed the mountain beside us an looked up and saw little cars going along side the mountain, not really little cars just so far up the mountain that it made them look little. We headed out of the rest area and immediately came to a switchback that literally made a sharp right turn facing up the mountain. We started up and the road just kept climbing and turning with several sharp curves. Looking over on the sides of the mountains you could see caves in the sides and large areas of rock flowing down from them. Those were gold mines and the rock was what was mined out of the mountain to find the gold. We finally got to the top and the road leveled out and we continued on to the next town of Globe, Az.
Made it to Globe, it is a large town with most all normal city stuff. The sign says Mesa, AZ is 70 miles and Apache Junction is right next to Mesa. We headed towards Mesa, still on Hwy 60 and admired the mountains and valleys. After a while the road came up to what looked like a huge dropoff in front of us. It was where we dropped down out of the mountains into the Phoenix valley. You could see for miles and miles, and great big cities off in the distance. After we dropped off the mountain we were running along a mountain ridge on the right side of the road, these were the Superstition Mountains. The ones with the gold mining history and the Lost Dutchman’s Goldmine stories. Beautiful mountains just calling for me to come and climb them, which I will do in the future. More to come on that later.
We finally got to Apache Junction and found our way to the rv park we were to work at. Superstition Buttes, a gated 55 plus mobile home park and rv park. We pulled up to the gate and told the security guard who we were and he directed us where to go. The park is huge and very clean. There are mobile homes in the front 3/4 of the park and the rv park is in the back section.

I went into the office and ask where we should park and was directed to an rv site. I was then told to go and get everything set up and come back to the office in the morning to speak with the owner. We got everything set up, the slides out, leveled, water, electric and sewer hooked up. Everything was nice and clean and what people we saw were friendly. Most of the rv’ers that were there were snowbirds, a lot from Canada.
We will continue our saga in our next post with info on our job here, the rver’s here and how things are going. Thanks for following our adventures. More to come soon. Jim n Karan