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Jim n KaranHello everyone, we are Jim and Karan, thanks for visiting our web page. We started this page to try to help people that need information and advice on becoming full time rv’ers and workampers. We started this journey over 14 years ago and have now stopped full timing. We have decided to settle down and have once again bought a house. We will by no means stop traveling and doing some workamping but just won’t be doing it fulltime. We call our house now our go back to home. We have fallen in love with to many beautiful places in this country to stop traveling and seeing even more that we missed in the last 13 years, not to mention all of the friends we have made all over the country. Many of them feel just like they are now part of our family.

On this site we will share stories from our travels around the country, our impressions of the good and bad of all types of rv’s, any special equipment or supplies that make things better, recommendations of other websites that helped us in our travels and try to answer any questions you may have. All of our recommendations and answers to questions will be based on our actual experiences. Feel free to ask questions and we will answer to our best knowledge, if we can not answer we will be truthful and tell you, maybe send you to someone or another site that can. Be sure and come back often and check out our stories about our adventures in the past. Tips and links to things that will help rv’ers will be added as we find them. Remember—Home is Where You Park It  


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  1. Hi Jim and Karen,

    It was great meeting both of you yesterday! What a small world. Again, thanks so much for your help in our predicament! Our Blue Ox would of been banged up for sure. Happy trails!

    Randy and Liz Shivy

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