Boondocking is usually considered as staying somewhere that no hookups are available. However, a lot of times it is just used to describe a place other than a campground. When going to a certain place a lot of people don’t want to stop at a regular campground just to get a nights sleep. When you are on the road there are lots of places to be able to Boondock. Of course on the interstate system the most popular are the rest areas. The only problem with most of them is that a lot of semi trucks use them for the same reasons and they usually leave their trucks running, so not a nice quiet nite in the rest areas. Sometimes you do get lucky and can find a corner with no one else around. Another one of the biggest places that people spend  a night at when traveling is Wal Mart. Most all Wal Marts allow rv’s to park overnight in the outer areas of there parking lots. One rule, always go in the store and speak with the manager to make sure it is ok to do it there at that particular Wal Mart. Some Wal Marts do not allow rv’s to park, that is usually because of some city ordinance that does not allow overnight parking anywhere except a regular campground.

One of the best ways to find somewhere to stay, but not in a campground, is to join a group of people called Boondockers Welcome.  We are members ourselves and highly recommend this site. What it is: a group of people that have a place to park an rv at their house or property for free. We have personally found that a lot of them even have hookups, usually water and electric. And all of these places to stay are free. We have stayed at some wonderful peoples homes and on all of our uses of the website we had electric and water. These people that are doing this are other rv’ers that know what it is like to be traveling to a strange place and need a place to stay for a day or a few days, but not at an expensive rv park. There are listings for places to stay all across the US and also in Canada. Friendly rv’ers just trying to help other rv’ers. It is not expensive to join and well worth it, we know this from experience using this service. “I may get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.” You can click on this banner to go to their site:

Boondockers Welcome - Be My Guest RV Parking



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