Deciding to Go Fulltime

Well almost made it home, talking all the way about our upcoming job in Glacier National Park. We made it into Missouri and kept seeing road side billboards advertising rv’s in Columbia, Mo. We decided that we wanted to stop and see what was available since ours was an older model and if we were going to be living in it maybe we needed a newer one. We stopped at the rv dealer and wow, they had a lot of different type rv’s available. Travel trailers, fifth wheels, truck campers and A, B, and C class motorhomes. We did not look at the motorhomes, just the travel trailers and the fifth wheels. The travel trailers were nice, but when we started looking at the 5th wheels we were amazed at how nice they were and how much room they had. We looked at several different ones but as soon as we walked into a 38 ft Montana with 3 slideouts we knew that was the one we wanted.

It was huge to us after using the Coachmen travel trailer. The Montana had something that none of the other 5th wheels had. The living room was up in the 5th wheel part and it had a fireplace. The kitchen was huge as was the master bedroom. We talked with the salesman and as what about trade in’s. He said they did take them and they checked ours out and the next thing we knew we had a new 5th wheel. Our truck was not set up to tow a fifth wheel so we headed on home, left our trailer there and we would be back in a few days to pick up the new one. We got back home and decided to look for another truck that would tow the 5th wheel easier than the truck we had.

I found a used F350, 4 door dually with a 7.3 diesel engine at a dealer in Paducah, Ky. Worked with them and we made a deal with them on the truck, then we headed back up to Columbia, Mo to get the 5th wheel. We got there and they took our truck into their shop and installed the 5th wheel hitch we needed. They had our new 5th wheel out backed, hooked up to a full hookup and ready for us to spend the night in it so we could get acquainted with everything on it an ask any questions before we went on the road. Our old trailer was there and we unloaded all of our stuff from it into our new one. We spent the night in it and were overwhelmed with how big and comfortable it was. Then they showed us everything about hooking it up, ask us if we had any questions and sent us on our way. We headed home pulling our new home and had no problems pulling it. It actually was easier to pull than our old trailer and pulled really easy with our new diesel truck. We got home and decided we wanted to go spend the winter in Florida. We still were not full time as we still had the house in Kentucky and that is when we decided to put it up for sale and go fulltime rv’ing. We listed the house with a realtor, gave them the keys and we headed to Florida. We looked in the Good Sam Club campground book and decided we were going to an RV resort called Rock Crusher Canyon in Crystal River Florida. We drove straight thru and got there at dark. We had called and made a reservation so the Camp Ground Host on duty knew we were coming and escorted us to our site. It was a back in site, and it was dark but we got backed in and set up with no problems. We have grandkids in Florida so we planned on seeing them all we could while we were there.

The rv park, Rock Crusher Canyon was really nice. You can check our review of this campground in the Campground Reviews link at the top of the home page.

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  1. Love it. You never cease to amaze me; but I don’t know why. You have many talents, extremely smart and capable and have always loved helping people. Love you. Aunt Jo

  2. So supper jealous! I have been telling my wife that we need to get an RV (I call em buses). We can park and vacation. I am no where near retirement age but it’s a life goal!

    1. There are many young couples that have taken this lifestyle. It is not just for people that have retired. There are more jobs than workers as far as workamping goes. Good luck on your life goal. Remember, if you don’t have a dream you will never have anything.

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