Officially Fulltimers

We were enjoying our time at Rock Crusher Canyon. We did a lot of visiting with the grandkids, the best part of being in Florida.

It was not too awful long, a few months, and the realtor called and said she had an offer on the house. The offer was for what we were asking and they wanted to close in 30 days.  We headed back to Kentucky, just us and the truck, so that we could get our stuff out of the house. We sold the house with most of the furniture included so we only had to move our personal stuff. We rented a storage unit and moved what we had into it.  One thing we had was a paddle boat and we wanted to take it with us, but with having a fifth wheel now there was no where to put it. So I got what I needed and built a rack on the truck that extended over the cab and out over the hood that we could put the paddle boat on. We put the paddle boat on it and it worked perfect, we were ready to go. We closed on the house and we were officially homeless except for our fifth wheel. I guess that is the day that we officially became FULLTIMERS.

We began talking to lots of people to see how they did it. Everyone that was doing it were really glad to give advice about getting started and surviving it. We began making a list of what we needed to do. First since we did not have a home we had to get an address to have our mail sent to. After lots of checking we found out about mail forwarding services for rv’ers. We were not members of Escapees and that is one of the recommended mail forwarding services. We checked out all of them that we could and decided that we would use the one in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The reason we chose them was, 1. low taxes on vehicles, 2. no vehicle inspections 3. easy to get a drivers license and 4. because the mail forwarding service would hold the mail until we called and had it forwarded. We could also change where we wanted it sent as many times as we wanted with no extra charges. Also, the price was a lot cheaper than some of the others we checked out. It has been to long ago to remember exactly what it cost but it was not really a lot.

By now it was the first of May and we were supposed to be at Glacier Nat Park  by June 1st for our first workamping job. We checked out list for what we had to buy before we started. The main thing we had to do was buy our uniforms, which they would reimburse us for them when we arrived. Had to go to a lot of different stores to finally find the right uniforms, but we found them and were ready to go to work. We left Florida and headed to Sioux Falls, South Dakota to get everything licensed and the mail forwarding set up. We were so excited to be going to Glacier that we pretty much drove straight thru to Sioux Falls. We did stop in a few interstate rest areas to get some sleep on the way. We made it to a campground in Sioux Falls late in the afternoon. We got set up and settled in for the night. The next morning we went to the mail forwarding service office and got all of the info we needed. We left and got our new drivers license and vehicle registrations and then went back and finished with the mail forwarding service. We went back to the fifth wheel and settled in for the night planning on leaving in the morning for Glacier.

NOOOO00000, we woke up the next morning and looked outside and it was all white. A major snowstorm had hit during the night. We checked the weather report and it was supposed to get worse. We decided to make a run for it as the interstate was not closed down yet, I-90.  We got hooked up and pulled out, got on the interstate. A little scared because the interstate was just one lane, with just 2 ruts thru the snow. We got in the ruts and just started going. Really slow going but we were making headway and the snow had slowed down. The road started getting better the farther we went and in a few hours  we could actually see most of the road. By the time we got to Rapid City, SD you could not even tell there had been a storm. We continued on with plans to stop and visit some relatives that live in Charlo, Mt in the Mission Mountain Range between Missoula, Mt and Glacier Nat. Park. We got to the families home and parked the rv in the driveway for the night. Had a good visit with them and headed on to Glacier Park the next morning.

We arrived at Glacier, 2 weeks early before our starting date. They had told us we could come early and stay in the park if we wanted to. When we got all checked in they gave us the patches that had to be sewn on our uniforms and told us about different places that would sew them on. We went into Kalispell and found a sewing shop and dropped everything off. By this time we were really starting to get excited. It was so green and beautiful everywhere you could look. The campground was right across the road from Lake McDonald. The campground was open but there was almost no one there. That is why our starting date was June 1st even though they usually open the first of May. They don’t need extra help early in the season. We settled in for the first night in this wonderful place.

Woke up the next morning and got the shock of our lives, looked out the window and everything was white. It had snowed overnight and there was between 1 and 2 inches of snow with the sun shining making it sparkle. It looked like something in a movie they would call a winter wonderland. The snow did not last long as it warmed up pretty quick, but it was a shock at first.

This is it for now, keep checking back for our next post on this adventure, lots of stories to tell. 


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