Travel Tips

This page will contain tips to help make your travels easier and more fun also. “I may get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.” We will add these as our website progresses.   

One travel tip: Pilot gas stations offer a free rewards card that you can get to save 3 cents a gallon every time you get gas or diesel. Three cents is not a lot, but, every little bit helps when you are doing a lot of traveling. Pilot stations are across the US so this makes it easier to use. Just stop in to one and sign up for the card, it is free and 3 cents adds up across the entire US.

One other thing that will help someone new and just starting out would be to buy one of the many books that have been written to help explain what you must do to live the fulltime lifestyle. As an example click the link on one of these books to get an idea of what is available to help you get started.

Good Sam Roadside Assistance — Roadside assistance is something that every rv traveler should have. This is one of the oldest rv roadside assistance programs around.

http://Good Sam Roadside Assistance



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