Winter in Florida then on to Montana

We stopped in Kentucky and visited with family and friends. Everyone still thinks we were crazy for selling everything and living in a camper. It is really hard to explain to someone what it is like to decide to sell everything and leave everyone and everything that has been an integral part of your life.

Once a person has experienced some of this wonderful country, things that you have only heard of when you were a kid, it makes you just want to see more and more. When we were kids in school we saw pictures of deserts, but when you see one in real life it is completely different. More on the differences in later post.

We had begun looking for possible workamper jobs in Florida as we were headed that way. We found one that was available working as a volunteer at a state park near Clermont, Fl. The name of the park was Lake Louisa State Park. We were not real sure what we would be doing just that we would have a place to stay for the winter at no cost for helping in the campground. We arrived at the campground and was told where to go park and that someone would be around to explain what we would be doing. We parked and waited for someone to come around. No one the first day showed up. The second day we just relaxed around the camper and waited, still no one showed up. We decided that if no one showed up the next morning we would just leave. If that is how they ran things then we did not want anything to do with it. Sure enough, by noon on the 3rd day no one had come to talk to us so we just packed up and left. Never did hear a word from them.

We decided that we after looking at our Good Sam campground book that we were going to go to Hudson Florida and stay at an rv resort called 3 Lakes RV Resort. It had a good review and ratings so we thought we would try it. We were new to the workamping lifestyle so we really didn’t know where else to look for a workamper position.

We arrived at the park and got checked in and assigned a site. We went to the site and immediately noticed how narrow the roads in the park were. I pulled up past the site a little and there just was not room for me to be able to back it in. There were other rver’s there that came out and said I would need to pull into the empty field across from the site to be able to back it in. Not a good idea. I pulled out into the field and got lined up to the site and started backing up, but as soon as the wheels on the camper hit the edge of the pavement the back wheels just spun and sunk in the sand.  The people around me said to just lock it in 4wd and come on back. The problem was that my truck was not a 4wd truck.  One of the other campers that was parked next to where we were gonna be told me to just unhook and he would back it in with his 4wd truck. We unhooked mine, he pulled me out and then he backed up to mine, hooked up and backed it into the site. I felt bad about not being able to back it in but our neighbor said don’t worry about it, I was not the only one that had to have help for the same reason. The sites were plenty big but the roads were really narrow.

We met a lot of other people in this park that were either snow birds or full time rver’s. Everyone was super friendly and had lots of stories to tell. With us being new to this full time rv’ing, we listened to all we could. Getting advice on what to do and not to do, how to find workamping jobs and just general advice on traveling with our only home. While we were there Karan’s dad came down and stayed with us for a week. He was not sure about our new lifestyle of living on the road but encouraged us to do what we thought was best for us. He really liked our Montana motorhome because the living room was up above the fifth wheel and even had a fireplace.  Most of the other rver’s wanted to see our trailer because they had never seen one that had the living room up in the front of it. This was something fairly new at this time.

We spent the rest of our winter taking day trips to visit family in Florida and checking out Universal Studios. We really enjoyed our time with no cold weather and no snow. When May arrived we decided to head out towards Glacier National Park for our second year as campground host. We decided to take our time going up and just enjoy the drive.

To save money we decided to stop at interstate rest areas instead of going to campgrounds every night. We could still use shower and toilets and stop every couple of days at a campground to be able to dump our tanks and add fresh water. Our first planned stop was going to be in Columbia, Mo at the rv dealership where we bought our Montana. They had an area behind the dealership that had full hookups and we were told when we bought ours that we were welcome to stop and spend a day or two for free.

That was the beginning of our next major move. We arrived there and our salesman came out and met us. The usual questions about how we were doing and how we liked our trailer. We told him we loved it and he wanted to show us the newest model they had just got in. Ours was a 38 ft with 3 slideouts. We went with him to look at the new one, it was a 40 ft with 4 slideouts. Of course we fell in love with it as soon as we went in. We told him it was really nice but we could not afford it since we were still paying on the one we bought last year from him. He said let him do some figuring and then decide. A little later he came out and made us a deal we could not turn down. He gave us every penny we had paid on our first one and got financing that made the payment the same as we were paying on the first one. So, the next morning we began taking everything out of our old one into the new one. Since the new trailer was a little heavier the dealership did some adjusting on our fifth wheel hitch to make it ride where it should. The new Montana had a few things that our other one didn’t have, with the main difference being the new one had electric leveling jacks and our first one had manual ones. Driving down the road I really couldn’t tell any difference at all. So on towards Montana we went.

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  1. A very interesting story about your first year living in an RV. Several years ago my wife and I rented an RV for a month in Denver and traveled to Yellowstone, then up to Glacier, over to Idaho then spend several weeks in Utah Nevada, Arizona and Colorado visiting national parks and monuments and of course a couple of nights in Vegas. We lived it so I can definitely dream about living the life you have chosen , It was nice that you shared several of the challenges you ran into and how the folks that RV are definitely a very friendly helpful group.

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